Springfield Online Reporting (SOR)

Springfield SOR building diagram

Reduce your risk, improve your bottom line, make your life easier, and improve your competitive advantage.

Through Springfield, clients gain access to the world’s most advanced roofing evaluation technology.

We can collect all of the critical telemetry on your structure and then report the results of our comprehensive evaluations (with insights on the current condition of your ventilation, insulation, drainage, energy efficiency, etc.) to you in a concise format that’s easily accessible from any computer.

We call this the Springfield Online Report (SOR) or S.O.R.

The SOR allows you instant access to your rooftop information electronically, including drawings, current photos, and professional recommendations, budget estimates and timeline for repairs and service. This information is powerful, as it allows for ease in planning for capital expenditures. No need to receive more emails than you already do, plus this information is constantly updated with the information you request.

Springfield Online Reporting is a decision support tool that provides systematic and consistent methods of assessing roof conditions, selecting repair and replacement needs, and prioritizing work based on maximizing benefits and minimizing costs.

Comprised of network inventory, condition inspections, as well as network and project level management, SOR is designed to assist operations managers in managing their commercial roof systems and even to keep multiple roofing assets organized with accurate data.

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