Working and Living in Traverse City –  Why Settle For Less?

Working and Living in Traverse City – Why Settle For Less?

We work hard and play hard in Traverse City.  When we are at work in our industrial buildings, we are often faced with choices regarding roof replacement at our facilities. These decisions require research of roofing products and contractor reputation.  While...
New Choices from Duro-Last

New Choices from Duro-Last

EXCITING NEWS for our commercial clients!!! Duro-Last, our supplier, out of Saginaw, Michigan, announced thicker PVC membrane choices and more colors!!!!! Read their press release here!

TPO and PVC Single-Ply Rated Outstanding!

Springfield SmartRoof™ using TPO and PVC single-ply roofing systems. The current generation of TPO and PVC systems have achieved an outstanding performance record in the low-slope roofing market.  These single-ply membranes have been successfully performing in roofing...

Michigan Roofing – What Roofing Options Work Best in Michigan?

The same seasons that make Michigan a fun place to live and work also create some significant roofing challenges. Many of the roofing systems that work well in other climates fall short when tested by the extreme temperatures and humidity changes experienced in...
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